How to add your Starbucks Card to Apple Watch (if ‘Wallet’ isn’t an option)

Even though there’s no Starbucks app for Apple Watch here in Singapore, and no option for adding your Starbucks card to the ‘Wallet’, you can still use your Apple Watch as your Starbucks Card. Here’s how:

  1. open your Starbucks app on the iPhone.
  2. click on ‘Pay’ at the bottom. You will then see a screen showing your card’s barcode
  3. Do a screen-shot by pressing the home button and power button at the same time
  4. Tap on the small image in the bottom left to bring up the image editor
  5. Crop the image to only have the barcode showing, then tap ‘Done’ and chose ‘Save to Photos’.
  6. Open the barcode image in the Photos app. tap on ‘Edit’. Tap on the ‘rotate and crop’ button at the bottom. Then you’ll see a ‘rotate by 90 degrees’ button show up. Tap that twice to rotate the barcode image by 180 degrees.
  7. Tap ‘Done’.
  8. Create a new Album and call it ‘Starbucks’. Add that image to the album.
  9. Open the ‘watch’ app on the iPhone and under ‘Synced Album’ choose ‘Starbucks’. The image will then get copied over to the Apple Watch.
  10. When you want to pay at Starbucks using the watch, open the ‘Photos’ app on the watch. Turn your wrist so that the screen points to the barcode reader and press the crown or touch the screen so that the image shows on the watch.

Update: This has worked for me five times so far, at different outlets. Has only failed once – where the barcode scanner was in an odd position…

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