How to Use an Apple Watch for Running Interval Training

There are three key issues when using the Apple Watch for interval training on the track:

  1. How to start the Watch at the right time,
  2. How to capture lap times, and
  3. How to export the workout to Strava.

I initially tried using the Strava app, but there’s no option to capture lap times. I then looked at the built-in Workout app.

Although the Workout app has a 3-2-1 countdown when you start a new activity, if you tap the screen during the countdown it will immediately start the activity.

As for capturing lap times, you just have to double-tap the screen. In practice I never have a 100% success rate, but good enough to capture most laps. You can review the lap times later in the “Activity” iPhone app, under the “workouts” tab.

that just leaves how to export the workouts to Strava. I found an iPhone app called “HealthFit” which displays your workouts, and has various export options, including Strava. I also use HealthFit to export my swim workouts ( the Strava Apple Watch app has no option for swimming).

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