How to Create Ringtones for iPhone from any audio

You can create ringtones for iPhone on your mac by following the steps below.

  1. Install iShowU Audio Capture from here. This gives you the ability to redirect audio playing on your macbook to GarageBand or other applications.
  2. Go to System Preferences…Audio and set the Output to be ‘iShowU Audio Capture’.
  3. Record the audio you want to turn into a ringtone using GarageBand or another application. In the case of GarageBand you can create a new Project and choose ‘Record Using a Microphone or line input’. Although you won’t hear what you’re recording, you’ll see the levels for the track move up and down.
  4. Go back to ‘System Preferences…Audio’ on the mac and change the Output back to ‘Internal Speakers’. Then go ahead and edit the Audio you recorded in step 3.
  5. Export/save to disk the audio as AAC. Note: the total length has to be 30 sec or under. Don’t use any special characters in the file name.
  6. In Finder, locate the file and change the file extension from m4v to m4r.
  7. In iTunes, make sure your iPhone is connected (via wifi or cable), and under your device there should be a submenu item called ‘Tones’. Click on that item to open it.
  8. Drag and drop the m4r file from Finder to the right-hand side of iTunes. It should then be listed if successful.
  9. on the iPhone go to settings…Sounds…then tap on ‘Ringtone’. You should then see your new ringtone listed at the top under  the ‘RINGTONES’ section. Select it, and you’re done!

Note: I’ve tried this once so far. It works, but I have some issues with the quality of the audio in the ringtone. Need to figure that out…

iPhone / Apple Watch and EZ-Link, NETS Flashpay

Update to below post: They’ve done it! I can now use my VISA card, and even my Apple Watch or iPhone to pay for trips on the buses and MRT!

The only thing pending that isn’t (officially) supported yet is using my Apple Watch as a Starbucks card…

Since my iPhone reacts when brought near to the NFC (near-field communication) terminal on the bus and brings up the “Pay with Touch ID” screen, I was wondering if you could use your iPhone instead of an EZ-Link or NETS Flashpay card to pay for a bus or train trip.

SMRT and SBS Transit support the EZ-Link and NETS Flashpay contactless cards for payment on buses and trains here in Singapore.

Since a few years ago both Android and iPhone handsets have started to include an NFC chip. I believe that there are android apps that let you use your android phone as an EZ-Link / NETS Flashpay card.

As far as the iPhone is concerned, Apple added some NFC support in iOS11 – it should now be possible to use an iPhone to *read* an NFC card. As far as using an iPhone with an NFC terminal however, they restrict that functionality to only support Apple Pay – that’s why you can’t currently use your iPhone to pay for a trip on the bus or train.

update – I heard that Apple do support the Suica transit card in Japan.

Let’s hope they start extending the support of transit cards to other countries – including Singapore…